Together at the fair under the GIP sign

The stand of the Goleniów Industrial Park attracted much interest among secondary school students during vocatium Szczecin 2016, an education
and job fair, held in Azoty Arena on 19-20 April.

The idea of establishing a joint stand for companies based in the GIP was put forward by the local government. Several investors delivered their information
and promotion brochures, and three of them delegated employees to discuss job opportunities with prospective candidates. PRD Nowogard was represented
by Agnieszka Ćmil, Rhenus Logistics by Katarzyna Krzak and Beata Pędziwiatr, and Stylepit by Agata Wilińska-Onyśko. The strong team representing the logistics sector succeeded with attracting interest of many logistics students by promoting job prospects in the GIP.

The largest employers based in the Park also attracted major interest, including
LM Wind Power and Technologie Tworzyw Sztucznych. Some students came with their CVs and filed them directly with companies represented. The Goleniów stand also attracted students specializing in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and IT. The group of visitors to the stand included welders and blacksmiths interested in working for Faymonville.

Young people asked questions about the possibility of getting weekend and summer jobs, as well as full time employment after completion of their courses at vocational and secondary engineering schools. The GIP job offer was so extensive that actually very few people left the stand disappointed.