Too small for a large business?

Usually in a Polish TV series when a hero has been delegated to Szczecin it was clear that he either leaves the cast or cannot be expected to come back
from such a trip too fast. Is West Pomerania the end or the beginning
of the world? Perhaps all those heroes came here to establish their businesses and gain easier access to western and north European markets?

The region at the end of the world. Shortage of labor. Too small for big business. Those and other stereotypes about West Pomerania are done away
with by the organizers of the conference on ‘Myth Busters – special economic zone only for large and foreign investors’. The conference will be held in Service Inter-Lab, Szczecin University at 8 Cukrowa street in Szczecin on Thursday 20th October.

ProInvestors is a group of professionals comprising representatives of companies and institutions supporting investors at level of region, cities and municipalities
of West Pomerania, committed to set top investors servicing standards.
What is the origin of the idea to organize the conference?

Our meetings with companies in West Pomerania were frequently concluded
with a statement that companies did not have complete information regarding benefits of investing in special economic zones,
explained Jacek Wójcikowski, Director of Westpomeranian Investors and Exporters Assistance Center.
There is a conviction that benefits of the mechanism are available for large
and foreign companies. Moreover, in recent years, we recorded an increased interest in investing in such zones in West Pomerania among Polish companies based
in various parts of the country, which contradicts the common myth that special economic zones are for foreign companies only.

The agenda of the conference is filled with speeches delivered by experts representing e.g. World Bank. The discussion panel involving investors who succeeded in the special economic zone, will be moderated by Prof. Witold Orłowski. Participants to the discussion includes Michał Pokorski, CEO at Goleniów based Technologie Tworzyw Sztucznych Sp. z o.o. Another representative of Goleniów during the conference will be Paweł Bartoszewski, Mayor’s Advisor for Goleniów Industrial Park, who will try to counteract the myth of ‘too small for large business’.
If you want to make business, do it in a large city. Small cities and municipalities may count on local investors only. Those are just common opinions. The Goleniów Industrial Park is the actual evidence that it is possible to create attractive conditions for investors, including large international corporations as well as local investors,
as reads the quote from the agenda of the conference.

Organizers of the conference addressed to potential investors already present
in Poland include Westpomeranian Region, Westpomeranian Regional Development Agency S.A., City of Szczecin, HKL Dekoracja Okien Sp. z o.o., Skotarczak Dąbrowski Olech i Partnerzy and Najda Consulting.

Read more at www.proinvestors.pl.