TTS continues its development

TTS, a plastic technology company manufacturing hulls of yachts and motorboats in Goleniów, is going to commence production of fully fitted vessels next year. It is yet another step in the development of the company which already created five hundred jobs in Goleniów.

Last week, the TTS development plans were announced by Michał Pokorski, President of Board. Today, TTS manufactures hulls and provides their partial fitting, whereas the final process takes place in Greifswald, Germany. From next year on, the Goleniów plant will provide complete fitting and equipment for 35 feet yachts. It is possible that in the future the Goleniów plant will produce completely furnished larger yachts.

TTS has been operating in Goleniów since 2004 and since 2008 in its modern plant developed from scratch in the Goleniów Industrial Park. Last year the company manufactured over 500 hulls for boats of various size worth about PLN 70 million. This year, the number of hulls will be slightly reduced but the value of production and employment are going to increase since the production will be more advanced technologically, which means more expensive and labour intensive.

The company has planned further investment. Until March next year a new production hall of 2 thousand m2, new mechanical workshop, and manoeuvring and storage yards will be built. The company spent PLN 7 million to develop an installation reducing the emission of noxious chemicals generated during the production of hulls; it removes 95% of volatile organic substances produced during hull coating.

TTS is a part of HanseGroup, Germany, an owner of well-known brands of yachts and motorboats, such as Hanse, Dehler, Moody, VA, and Fjord, and recently also the British motorboat brand of Sealine.


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