A twofold increase in LM

LM Wind Power has doubled the potential of its Goleniów plant. During
the official opening of the second production hall of 10 thous. m2, it was revealed that the company plans to manufacture 70 m wind turbine blades.

Eight years ago, during the official opening of LM Glasfiber held in March 2009, Roland Sunden, the then president of the company, talked about reasons for choosing Goleniów as the location of their new plant. Among other reasons, he mentioned the possibility
of extending plant facilities in the future. Today, the intention has materialized, although
I am not sure whether the president expected that the future investment would go so far and the production capacity would double,
said Robert Krupowicz, the Mayor
of Goleniów.

The Thursday ceremony attracted top management of the company. Marc de Jong, President of Board for LM Wind Power, said that the Goleniów plant is the best one in Europe and one of the best in the world. A nice surprise was that the management thanked Piotr Weselik, the first employee of LM Wind Power in Poland, who decided to retire and was the longest working employee.

The wind turbine blades extension project at no. 3 Nowa Street in Łozienica included not only the building of the new hall, but also enlarging the existing one and building of an office and staff building. The general contractor was Szczecin-based
Multi-Projekt. Thus, LM Wind Power has become the largest production plant in Goleniów, and in the nearest future it is going to become the largest employer
in the Goleniów Industrial Park (employing thousand people) and the second largest in the Municipality of Goleniów (after Ikea Industry).