The visit of local government representatives from Ukraine

On Thursday, a sizable group of Ukrainian local government delegates visited Goleniów. Counterparts of Polish mayors met representatives
of Goleniów, visited sites and the Goleniów Industrial Park.

Ukrainians started their visit by meeting Mayor Robert Krupowicz and his deputies. The presentation of Goleniów and its achievements, discussion about its path
to the economic success and current challenges and prospects for further development introduced visitors to the filed visit. Representatives of Ukrainian local governments visited one of schools, several sites in the city, Stylepit, a company based in the GIP, and took a tour around the entire industrial park. They were stunned with the Goleniów’s achievements, especially that the city does not enjoy exceptional conditions for development, and the success is the result of creativity, hard work and perseverance of its citizens. The visit ended with a joint lunch hosted by Mayor Robert Krupowicz.