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Geographic proximity, similar business structure, large sales market and stable legal framework are some of the main reasons why Germany is the largest trade partner for Poland. This also helps domestic companies to enter
the German market, and their export of goods have already exceeded
PLN 6 bn. Thus, Germany is the main export market for Polish companies.
What are business and investment opportunities in the border area?
An attempt to answer the question was the main point of the agenda
for the Polish-German Day held in the Old Slaughterhouse in Szczecin
on 2nd October this year.

‘We are well familiar with German companies which invest in the region. We help them to establish their businesses and go through administrative procedures.
The Investors’ and Exporters’ Assistance Centre also helps domestic companies
to develop their export. A number of construction and export companies are doing well. The easiest way to start operation in Germany is to establish a subsidiary.
We regret that some people develop negative attitudes. Thus, our role is to reverse false opinions
, said Olgierd Geblewicz, the Marshal of the Westpomeranian Region.

The Polish-German Day is a chance to present opportunities for investment
in West Pomerania and German federal states. Presentations delivered by invited speakers included many case studies showing how to establish a company in Germany and operate on the German market. The discussion also focused
on challenges for IT and e-commerce. The event ended with a cooperation fair.
Apart from the Marshal Olgierd Geblewicz, the event attracted Michał Przepiera,
the Deputy Mayor of Szczecin, Radosław Niecko, MN Legal, and Laura Hołowacz, President of Board at CSL Internationale Spedition.

The first Polish-German Day in Szczecin attracted over 130 attendees from nearly 100 companies from Poland and Germany. This major interest in the meeting may result in a regular business event in the border area. A survey commissioned
by the Marshal’s Office shows that Germany is one of the most popular markets
for exporters based in West Pomerania. 73.81% of surveyed companies export
to Germany, of which 22% estimate the value of their export below
PLN 500 thousand. At the end of 2017, the export to Germany by companies based in West Pomerania reached a record level of PLN 6.3 bn.

In West Pomerania, Germans are most interested in buying furniture, timber and wood products (38% of regional export goes to Germany), machines and electrical appliances (42% of regional export is directed to Germany),
and plastics (almost a half of total export). Germany prevails regarding export
of grain from West Pomerania, which account for 97% of the total sale in this particular cargo group. It is worth mentioning that investors to West Pomerania include such German companies as Drobimex, Zalando and Homanit.
In the Goleniów Industrial Park alone we have eight companies, including DB Schenker, Fiege, Glancos, Rasch, Rhenus Logistics, Technologie Tworzyw Sztucznych, TWS and Weber.