West Pomerania doing business in deep waters

A competition for businesses for whom visions and ideas are the most important… Unique fair for local firms… An interactive game in which inhabitants can vote for their favourite businesses… This is in short
the innovative way for the Marshal’s Office to promote the Westpomeranian Region. The campaign of ‘West Pomerania. Business in a Good Location’
has started.

‘West Pomerania is a brand of a tremendous potential. It is created chiefly by people. They are behind inspiring businesses that are showpiece projects in the region’, said Olgierd Geblewicz, the Marshal of West Pomerania. ‘For this reason, we launch
a campaign today that is different than anything else. It has been planned to promote businesses that are based in the region, stand out among others,
and inspire those who are still looking for their opportunities’
, added the Marshal.

The main goal of the project is to promote West Pomerania as an innovative region that supports new technologies, a region which is very attractive for entrepreneurs and prospective investors. The major part of the campaign is the competition
of ‘Your Business under the Flag of Success’. It is designed to select companies, products and services which are the most creative and unique.

‘We want to promote our entrepreneurial citizens, and their ideas for businesses
and products. While using storytelling and electronic media, we want to promote their ways of making business, and show how we make it in West Pomerania. Their stories can work as signposts directing other small and medium-sized companies
to success’
, said Krzysztof Barczyk, the Director of Marshal’s Bureau.

The competition of ‘Your Business under the Flag of Success’ is designed for owners of micro-, small and medium-sized companies. You just need to fill out
the registration form available at www.biznes.wzp.pl. Thirty companies that stand out regarding their ideas and creativity will qualify to the second stage
of the competition. The companies will be presented in advertising spots
and in the Internet.

A crucial part of the competition is the voting for winners by all inhabitants
of the region. A special dedicated system will be made available at the competition website using an exquisite stock exchange game. Participants will receive a pool
of virtual currency that they can invest in virtual shares of their favourite businesses. Laureates will be selected by the panel of jurors comprising representatives of large companies based in West Pomerania, including Laura Hołowacz, CEO and co-founder of CSL Internationale Spedition, a regional TSL sector leader, Zbigniew Nagay, CEO and co-founder of Radex, a company specialising in food industry hygiene management, and Sławomir Czumak, a Member of Board in Backer OBR, a global manufacturer of heating components, resistors and heat pump control panels.

‘West Pomerania inspires us every day. We have brilliant people contributing
to the rapid growth of the region while supporting business. It is an excellent place
to work and live. I met a lot of young entrepreneurs, but not all of them for certain.
I am curious what surprises are still there
’, said Laura Hołowacz.

The campaign of ‘West Pomerania. Business in a Good Location’ was launched
in NCDC, a Szczecin-based IT company. After 32 years of living and working in Denmark where he succeeded in business, its CEO Paweł Finkielman decided
to return to his home country.

‘The region has everything it needs. You can fall in love with it. People are highly educated, friendly and nice. I knew what I wanted to do and how to do it. Now,
I employ 120 people. Employees are the most important, not the CEO’,
said Paweł Finkielman, CEO at NCDC.

The finale of the competition and the award giving ceremony will coincide
with the official gala scheduled on 11th December 2018.

Thank you very much for your decision to present your brands and help us. We want to help spreading your success onto others. We want to build good and strong brand of West Pomerania’, said Marshal Geblewicz.

The campaign includes a number of advertising actions primarily over the Internet. Videos promoting laureates and winners of the competition will be broadcast
at YouTube, Ipla.pl and Tvn.pl. Moreover, we have planned a display advertising campaign (Onet.pl, Wp.pl), rich media and social media campaigns. Additionally,
the campaign will involve influencers.

The campaign partners includes a number of institutions that comprise the research base for companies operating in the region, local and nation-wide organisations representing SMEs, and organisations that represent business interests and support the development of enterprise, including BizUp Foundation, Infoshare Academy, Koszalin Regional Development Agency, eBusiness Cluster of West Pomerania, ICT West Pomerania Cluster, Metalika Metal Cluster, Regional Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre, Northern Chamber of Commerce, Stargard Local Development Agency, TechKlub Szczecin, Cross Border Cluster Berlin-Szczecin-Baltic Waterway, West Pomerania Regional Development Agency, West Pomerania Economic Development Association, West Pomerania Business School, West Pomeranian University of Technology, and Startup Academy.

The campaign of ‘West Pomerania. Business in a Good Location’ and the competition for businessmen of ‘Your Business under the Flag of Success’ are implemented under the Regional Operational Programme of West Pomerania Province 2014–2020, Priority Axis 1 Economy, Innovation, Modern Technologies, Measure 1.14 Strengthening the position of the regional economy at national
and international levels.

For more information about the campaign, see: biznes.wzp.pl.