What type of a negotiator are you?

On Thursday 22 February, an English language workshop by Berlitz Poland attempted to answer this and many more similar questions.

In the canteen of Stylepit, 18 representatives of 9 companies from the Goleniów Industrial Park gathered for the workshop. Attendees included people who need
to use English as their working language. Jeremy Reid, a Brit and a methodology director at Berlitz who has lived in Poland for seven years, helped them improving their language and negotiation skills.

Berlitz is an education and training company enjoying 140-years history. It is present in 70 countries and for many years it has been the global leader in language, culture and business training. It is known for its individual teaching methodology based
on language immersion, as well as native speakers used as teachers and stress put on verbal communication. In Poland, Berlitz has 10 branches, including one recently open in Szczecin.