Will a new record be set?

In Goleniów, the number of orders is exceptionally high and new jobs
are created. In Poland, the sailing season has been approaching its end, but shipyards have just begun their hot period. In the coming weeks, to satisfy growing number of orders, Technologie Tworzyw Sztucznych are going
to employ additional 100 people for manufacturing luxury yachts.  

The Goleniów-based TTS employs about 700 people. Every year, they manufacture nearly 600 yachts and motorboats. Company’s products are so popular that still this year they are going to hit another production record.

– According to our estimates the production will grow by 20 percent comparing
to the previous year
, said Michał Pokorski, the President of Board at TTS.
– To meet the challenge of growing production volumes, we need to employ additional people. The recruitment process has just started and we need additional 100 employees, he added.

Technologie Tworzyw Sztucznych is a recognised employer in the region that has been operating in the Goleniów Industrial Park. Although it has been successfully manufacturing luxury boats, everyone knows that there is a shortage of boat builders and laminators on the labour market. For this reason, people who have
no experience in the yachting sector may also file their CVs.

– We have developed an internal training system, said Wojciech Sekulski, HR Director. – We provide good working conditions, and expect candidates to show interest in working and learning a new profession, he added.

For quite some time, TTS has been investing in its people. The company managed
to combine modern business and education. Now, boat building can be taught
to high school students. This year, seven students from a vocational school
in Goleniów started learning the profession.

– Undoubtedly, it is investment in the future. Graduates of the school will have no problem finding jobs, said Michał Pokorski. – Additionally, our internal training system enables adults learning specialist skills. Hundreds of people have acquired those skills so far,
he added.

Yacht manufacturing is a process involving a number of specialists, such as laminators, hydraulic and electrical engineers, carpenters and fitters. Every employee needs to have certain knowledge of all those trades.

– Some are excellent at fitting, others with much attention given to the precision
of workmanship can do well while fitting deck equipment, yet others can be excellent
in lamination. Everyone can be employed in the company
, said Wojciech Sekulski.