Winter won’t stop us

Positive temperatures facilitate the work provided by the contractor
for the S6 expressway. Despite winter period, work is still in progress.

On Thursday, 25th January, traffic organisation changed near the Goleniów-North junction. A new exit road from S3 to road no. 6 was established. The traffic can now use the southern recently built carriageway and a part of the future expressway S6.

This should support the building of a new overpass along the Wolińska Street: building of abutments and embankments. The overpass should be ready at the end of the first half of the year.

The Goleniów-North junction will be rebuilt completely. The design not only includes the S3 and S6 cross roads but a planned connection of the so called western ring road of Szczecin, a bypass of the city from its northern and western sides
with the passage across the Oder River near the village of Święta.

The road is a part of the governmental road investment programme. Recently,
the regional government informed about the completion of the environmental documentation. The decision on building needs to be made at the central government level and the General Road Directorate is going to be the investor
for the project.