Labour market image of employers

There is a place in the Westpomeranian Region where the demand among employers for employees remains strong. It is the Municipality of Goleniów where only one out of 25 people on the labour market does not have a job.

So far, in the Goleniów Industrial Park over 40 businesses from Poland and abroad invested their capital. The total employment in the park has reached nearly
4 thousand people. Further development plans include reinvestment by companies already present as well as completely new investment projects. In the nearest future, this will translate into a growing demand for labour of various specialist skills.

One of ways to keep valuable staff and attract new employees is to build a positive image of an employer on the labour market. How this can be done was the topic
of discussions involving representatives of several Goleniów based companies held in Stylepit Poland on Tuesday 17th November.

The workshop was chaired by Edyta Hubska, IDEA HR Doradztwo Personalne,
and participants included managers from Abena, C+T, Faymonville, LM Wind Power Blades, MiR, PEC, PRD Nowogard, Prime Cargo, Pol-Glass, Radiometer, TTS, VTS and Weber.