Women’s day on a bus

Women commuting to their work in the Goleniów Industrial Park were caught by surprise by the Deputy Mayor Henryk Zajko. Polish and Ukrainian women travelling on a 5:20 bus received tulips.

At that time, the bus going to the industrial park was packed with commuters. According to the driver, it had been like that from the beginning of March, when improvements were introduced to the schedule. The Prologis bus stop was moved and now the bus virtually delivers commuters to the door step of Rhenus Logistics Distribution Centre at no. 16 Prosta Street.

The free public transportation to the Goleniów Industrial Park started in November last year. After two months of testing, it turned out that employees of companies operating in the park were eager to abandon their private cars and use
a comfortable bus. Finally, the Mayor Robert Krupowicz decided that the service would be provided indefinitely.