Works continue

On Monday, works will start to strengthen the sub-base for the road linking
the Goleniów Industrial Park and regional road no. 111 (Goleniów-Stepnica). This will necessitate dismantling some part of paving and the road will have to be closed.

Works will continue on the eastern bank of the Ina River, close to the bridge.
As it turned out, the road base at the interface with the flood embankment is situated on a very unstable ground and actually settles under its own load causing the deterioration of the carriageway. After consulting it with experts and providing a geology survey, a decision was made to provide piling on the embankment
and the road. This will prevent ground under the road from settling and reduce
the need for frequent repairs.

It should be emphasised that the construction works are based on the building documentation developed still by the General Directorate of National Roads
and Motorways and later taken over by the Municipality of Goleniów.
The documentation included a ground geological survey which did not specify any unfavourable conditions at the location which now needs to be strengthened.

The works will be performed by Strabag, the contractor for the investment.
The works will continue until February. Thus, the road is closed since it is still a construction site and any access there is restricted.