He will take care of GIP

On 2nd March 2015, Paweł Bartoszewski, a former Operations Director at the Szczecin Industrial Park, will become a Mayor’s Advisor for Goleniów Industrial Park.

Paweł Bartoszewski will be responsible for all matters related to the development of the Goleniów Industrial Park (GIP) which has operated since 2002 managed by the Municipality of Goleniów. His responsibilities include in particular:

  1. Providing assistance to investors interested in establishing their operation in the GIP, including prospective investors and companies already present there and willing to expand their business.
  2. Promoting investment potential of the GIP and Goleniów, including tightening of cooperation with Kostrzyn-Słubice Economic Zone, which sub-zone is established in the GIP; updating information and promotion materials and their dissemination among relevant institutions (PAIiIZ and selected embassies); developing a professional website for the GIP; close cooperation with the Investors’ and Exporters’ Assistance Centre, PAIiIZ and other institutions responsible for attracting investors; and attracting external funding for the activities listed above.
  3. Developing local investment opportunities, including encouraging developers to build halls in the GIP to be leased to prospective investors; and coordination of activities related to the establishing of the Institution for Professional Activity in the GIP.

For the past year, Paweł Bartoszewski worked for the Szczecin Industrial Park. Previously, for nearly 6 years, he was a Director of the Investors’ and Exporters’ Assistance Centre which in 2013 was ranked second in the country regarding results achieved.

He is a graduate of the Szczecin University, with MBA diploma from the same university. Speaks fluent English.