Institution for Professional Activity in GIP

A meeting held on 28th April this year in the Town Hall of Goleniów was the first step towards establishing an Institution for Professional Activity in the Goleniów Industrial Park.

The entity would operate as a municipal, county or foundation-based company with the main goal of integrating people with disabilities on the labour market. Such a company is established for people with major and moderate disability and people with autism, intellectual disability or mental illness. The entity prepares people with disabilities to active life in the open society made to match their capacity and support their rehabilitation.

The Tuesday meeting was used to examine possible directions for labour integration needed among disabled people to enable their functioning on the open labour market. Contact information was collected from people interested in having the Institution for Professional Activity established (mainly parents with disabled children). Arrangements have been made to visit similar companies located in Kołobrzeg and Dobra to examine practicalities of their operation.

Attendees of the meeting included Mayor Robert Krupowicz, Deputy Mayor Henryk Zajko, Deputy Head of Goleniów County Tomasz Stanisławski, Director of Regional Social Policy Centre Dorota Rybarska-Jarosz, Councillor Agata Wilińska-Onyśko and Maria Kurek, a representative of a centre in Dobra.

Regarding all matters related to the establishing of the labour integration company in the GIP, please contact us at: zaz@goleniow.pl.