Success stories

Abena Polska Sp. z o.o.

65 years ago in Aabenraa, Denmark,
Jens Terp-Nielsen established Saekko A/S,
a small family-owned business. Over the years,
the company grew and extended the scope
of operation and reached for new markets.
In 2003 the company changed its name to Abena. At the moment, the company employs over 1300 people all over the world providing a wide range of incontinence, skin care and medical products. Just to mention a brand such as Bambo Nature or companies Abena Re-Seller, OX-ON, Finess and Rul-let which are a part of the business.

Since 2005, the beginning of its presence in Poland, Abena Polska operated in the Goleniów Industrial Park. Due to its rapid development, the company extended the logistic centre and office building. Opened in October 2015, the new complex occupies over 10 thousand m2, and it is not the end of the development. Abena Polska has already planned further development in the Goleniów Industrial Park.

It is worth mentioning that in 2015 Abena Polska celebrated its tenth anniversary. The rapid development was possible due to the development of infrastructure and increase in employment,
but also excellent financial results. In 2015, Abena Polska was recognised by the monthly business magazine Forbes and was awarded a title
of Forbes’ Diamond in the Westpomeranian Region in the group of companies generating revenue
of PLN 5-50 million. In the same year, the company received an award of the Polish Minister
of Economy for its activity in Poland.

Abena Polska is deeply rooted in its local environment. Cooperation with the Municipality
of Goleniów, Westpomeranian Region,
and Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce are the best examples of that. Key features
of the company include innovation
and environmental care. Abena is a member
of the Business Social Compliance Initiative
and a number of UN Global Compact initiatives supporting sustainable development. Abena prioritises waste management and care of natural resources.

We are glad that from the very beginning
of our activity in Poland we are linked
to the Goleniów Industrial Park. We highly appreciate smooth and fruitful cooperation,
and professional approach presented by local institutions.

Andrzej Baron
Managing Director
Andrzej Baron - Dyrektor Zarządzający Abena Polska Sp. z o.o. Andrzej Baron - Dyrektor Zarządzający Abena Polska Sp. z o.o. Andrzej Baron - Dyrektor Zarządzający Abena Polska Sp. z o.o.

Dancoal Sp. z o.o.

The company was established in June 2008
as Dancook. From the very beginning, the company focused its business profile on manufacturing charcoal and briquette, solid starters,
and disposable grills. Due to the global crisis
of September 2008, credit constraints imposed by banks forced the company to delay its development plans and instead of building its own facility commence reduced production in a rented hall in the Goleniów Industrial Park.

In 2011 the company started building its own production facility and moved production lines
in the middle of 2012. Still the same year,
the company started building another hall
of 2,870 m2. In December 2012, the company obtained EU funding for designing and building modern production lines. The funding helped commencing the production of solid starters
and disposable grills. In December 2013,
the company changed its name to Dancoal.

From the beginning of its activity, the company
has been rapidly growing from revenue
of PLN 11 million during its first accounting year 2008/2009 to turnover of PLN 90 million
in 2014/2015. This rapid growth was recognised by the Forbes Magazine and in January 2015
the company was awarded the title of Forbes’ Diamond for the 1st place in the Westpomeranian Region and 34th place in Poland in the ranking
of companies generating income of PLN 50-250 million (award covers three years of operation). Every year the company is awarded the title
of Business Gazelle by monthly magazine Puls Biznesu. In 2015 the company was awarded
for their production in Poland by the Minister
of Economy.

Dancoal has planned their further increase
in production and introduction of new products.
In July 2015, the company started building a new hall of 5 860 m2. The building process finished
in January 2016. The company has already planned other investment in the Goleniów Industrial Park. For this purpose, in December 2015 they purchased another plot of 2.17 ha. Professional and supportive attitude of the local government to investors and effective cooperation made
the company very satisfied with the decision to select this particular location for their operations and helped planning their further rapid development.

The company puts much attention to the quality
of their products, and therefore in 2015 they started implementing management systems
of BRC CP and ISO 14001.

Tadeusz Redmann
Mariusz Czechowski
Board Member
Tadeusz Redmann i Mariusz Czechowski Tadeusz Redmann i Mariusz Czechowski Tadeusz Redmann - Prezes Zarządu Dancoal Sp. z o.o.

Euro Granit Adamus

Euro Granit Adamus, one of the largest stone companies in Poland, enjoys a leading position
in the country regarding the volume and quality
of materials and services offered. The company’s history dates back to the beginning of the free market in Poland. It was established in 1988
by Grzegorz Adamus. In its initial period
of business activity, the company was chiefly
a wholesale of natural stone.

During more than 25 years, the company thrived supported by the economic growth in the country. Euro Granit Adamus had a major contribution
to the development of the Polish economy.
While trying to meet ever changing demand
of the rapidly growing market, the company developed fast moving from strength to strength
in the stone business. However, the economy is only one of factors determining the success
of the company. People are still the most important. At the moment, the company employs nearly 40 people in five locations. Their dedication and expertise regarding the use and processing
of stone are decisive regarding the value
of the brand.

Today, Euro Granit Adamus is a network of five stone wholesale establishments situated all over Poland. Since 2006, the company has been operating in the Goleniów Industrial Park. Its basic business areas include the following:

  • distribution of natural stone,
  • distribution of Santa Margherita, silica
    and marble conglomerates,
  • exclusive distribution of Lapitec,
  • services on Polish and foreign markets,
  • services offered to stone processing companies, investment projects, building contractors, architects, interior designers, and manufacturers of furniture and fitted kitchen equipment,
  • services to individual clients,
  • customer materials storage,
  • logistic support,
  • specialist consulting.
Henryk Banach
Branch Manager

Faymonville Polska Sp. z o.o.

Faymonville was established in 1950s
when Berthold Faymonville started manufacturing agricultural trailers in his forge in Rocherath, Belgium. During several decades, this family-owned company grew rapidly, and the business profile evolved towards manufacturing special trailers
and semi-trailers for the specialist haulage industry. In 1990s the company moved to Büllingen where they built a modern production facility.

Another stage in the development of the company involved building a plant in Lenzweiller, Luxembourg, in the early 21st c. Yet another milestone in the development of Faymonville was the establishing of a daughter company Faymonville Polska and building a production plant in the Goleniów Industrial Park in 2006.

Initially, the company manufactured steel structures for trailers only, which were sent to plants in Luxembourg and Belgium. Over further dozen of years, Faymonville Polska increased its production capacity four times by building consecutive production halls and increasing
the scope of its operations. At the moment, Faymonville Polska has production and warehouse halls of the total 40 thousand m2, fitted with state-of-the-art machinery park, where it manufactures completed and equipped trailers of its own marks.

Being the leader in innovative solutions in its sector, Faymonville continued its growth
and in 2015 the company built another plant
in Luxemburg. This investment strengthened their position of the largest manufacturer of special trailers and semi-trailers in the world. For many years now, the company has been the forerunner among global manufacturers of special trailers
and semi-trailers, setting new trends while offering the most modern technological solutions and top notch quality of their products.

Łukasz Żuchowski
Managing Director

HG Poland Sp. z o.o.

The history of Hedensted Gruppen dated back to 1935 and over the years this family-owned business evolved to become one of the most rapidly developing companies in the fur industry
in the world. After many years of running its operation and entire production in Denmark, in 2006 a decision was made to establish a facility in Poland, the fastest growing market, close to large Polish breeders, and at the same time maintaining low production cost and staying close to the company’s headquarters in Hedensted (about 650 km).

In November 2008, HG Poland, a daughter company was established in the Goleniów Industrial Park in Łozienica, and a part
of the production line was moved there to reduce labour cost. The total surface area of the production and storage facility at that time was 4,200 m2, including office and staff building
of 650 m2. In further consecutive years
of operation the entire production was moved from Denmark to Poland and in spring 2014
the second hall with an office facility started operating to make the total surface area
of company’s facilities 6,700 m2.

Production focuses on wire and nesting boxes, chiefly for export but also for the domestic market, based on customised production planning according to contracts signed with customers
and suppliers. The thirty year cooperation
with Betafence, the supplier of meshes, guarantees production security and continuity of steel supplies.

HG Poland also manufactures feeders, pelting equipment and watering systems. Additionally,
the company manufactures equipment used at fur farms, as well as consumer articles.

We are now proud of our world-wide sales network and we have become no. 1 choice for our clients whom we can guarantee high service standard,
top product quality, reliability of deliveries
and exchange of experience. We put much emphasis on continuous development and product enhancement, while creating new solutions
for farms to make work there easy
and pleasurable.

John Hybel
John Hybel - Dyrektor Zarządzający HG Poland Sp. z o.o. John Hybel - Dyrektor Zarządzający HG Poland Sp. z o.o. John Hybel - Dyrektor Zarządzający HG Poland Sp. z o.o.

Prime Cargo Poland Sp. z o.o.

Prime Cargo is an international company offering a comprehensive range of logistics services.
Due to the rapid growth and market demand,
in 2014 was founded Prime Cargo Poland to serve a portfolio of B2C and B2B clients.

As Prime Cargo Poland we have started the activity on 1st of August 2014 in Goleniów Industrial Park, in newly build warehouse of 10.000m2. By the end of the same year in Prime Cargo Poland we unloaded and loaded hundreds of trucks
and containers, leaving to destinations all over Europe. Until this time we picked and packed around 1.100.000 articles, which were next delivered to consumers, shops and warehouses.

In 2015 the Prime Cargo Poland team concentrated on implementing the new clients required floor space to be doubled to 20.000m2 before October.

Our parcels reach more and more countries worldwide every month.

At present, to fulfil highest requirements
of the clients, we are investing in our employees, process automation and we are implementing new services like bonded warehouse and expanding
the distribution network.

Zbigniew Kempski
Operations Director

Stok Emballering Poland Sp. z o.o.

The company history started in 1995
when a Danish manufacturer of packaging Stok Emballage opened their plant in Poland.
From the very beginning of the mother company operation in 1978, Stok focused on providing a comprehensive service to their clients as regards packaging and products necessary to secure
and dispatch various goods, from ball pens to complex electronic equipment.

The company started the new millennium
with three plants in Poland, one in Szczecin,
one in Koszalin and one in Łódź, all together capable of dispatching over 700 standard products in 48 hours. The company delivers customised packaging made according to client specification. In 2006 a rapid growth
of the company was recognised and the company received an award of Business Gazelle,
and a year later Business Cheetah, whereas in 2009 the company received the prestige Forbes’ Diamond.

Two years later, we moved production to a new plant in the Goleniów Industrial Park.
With the relocation to 37 Prosta Street in Łozienica we became involved in local community initiatives. In 2014, we were awarded with the title of Sport Patron.

In 2015 we not only celebrated the 20th anniversary of the company, which was recognised
by the Minister of Economy, but first and foremost we focused on accessing new markets.
Apart from delivering our packaging to the Polish market, we also supply packaging to Denmark, Norway and Faroe Islands. We are the forth
in the world in manufacturing packaging for frozen fish, with annual income of EUR 3 billion
and ambitious targets of reaching new sales markets. In 2016 we plan to enter markets
in Argentina and New Zealand.

Janusz Karpowicz
Board Member

Stylepit Poland Sp. z o.o.

Stylepit is a European leader in e-commerce
of clothing. The company received numerous awards from Scandinavian business communities and industry magazines.

Due to its rapid development, in 2012 the company bought a warehouse and office facility
in the Goleniów Industrial Park. The building
of 14 thousand m2 was arranged according
to the new owner’s specification. The Distribution Centre started operating in the Goleniów Industrial Park in June 2013.

Within only two years, the efficiency of warehouse processes increased more than fifty percent, supported with an overall philosophy
of continuous improvement; instead of working harder we work smarter and therefore more efficient. We managed to organise an efficient team of specialists and without their involvement we would not attain so imposing results.

Stable warehousing processes helped generating a number of CSR projects. Since we strive to develop an image of a company that is well rooted in the local community, we are eager to participate in any initiative that produces to good energy in the community of Goleniów.

Stylepit in figures:

  • 30,000 thousand unique products,
  • over 400 global brands,
  • nearly 2 thousand orders every day.


Jacek Frydrych
Managing Director
Jacek Frydrych – Dyrektor Zarządzający StylePit Poland Sp. z o.o. Jacek Frydrych – Dyrektor Zarządzający StylePit Poland Sp. z o.o. Jacek Frydrych – Dyrektor Zarządzający StylePit Poland Sp. z o.o.

Technologie Tworzyw Sztucznych Sp. z o.o.

The history of Technologie Tworzyw Sztucznych dates back to 1996, when fiberglass yacht hulls started to be produced in Stargard Szczeciński. From the very beginning, manufacturing was based on state-of-the-art technologies and top quality
of our products.

Our professional approach attracted numerous customers from all over the world. Our products were recognised by the world mogul in the sector, which led to close cooperation with Yachtzentrum based in Greifswald, which later transformed
into HanseYachts AG.

The high quality of products and growing interest in the use of fibreglass helped us extending
our scope of services. We started manufacturing structural parts used for hulls, decks and a number of smaller fixtures comprising sea-going yachts. Our development necessitated further investment, and finally we built a new production hall
of 10 thousand m2 and warehouses
in the Goleniów Industrial Park.

In 2007, the company became a part
of HanseYachts AG and was listed on the German stock Exchange in Frankfurt. The decision led to further successful achievements.
At the moment, TTS is one of leading companies
in Poland manufacturing composite constructions. We produce yachts for a large number
of renowned brands in the world, such as Hanse, Moody, Dehler, Fjord, Sealine and Varianta.

We employ over 800 people and continue growing and investing not only in experienced personnel, but also our technologies, design studio,
as well as further growth and creating new jobs to become one of the largest employers
in the region. At the same time, we promote cooperation with the local community in Goleniów and vicinity. We have been sponsoring
and supporting numerous projects.
Our discussions with various parties help reintroducing the education of boat builders. We hope that with our initiative the fiberglass and boat building sector will further develop
in the country.

Maciej Twardowski
Managing Director