Euro Granit Adamus

Euro Granit Adamus, one of the largest stone companies in Poland, enjoys a leading position
in the country regarding the volume and quality
of materials and services offered. The company’s history dates back to the beginning of the free market in Poland. It was established in 1988
by Grzegorz Adamus. In its initial period
of business activity, the company was chiefly
a wholesale of natural stone.

During more than 25 years, the company thrived supported by the economic growth in the country. Euro Granit Adamus had a major contribution
to the development of the Polish economy.
While trying to meet ever changing demand
of the rapidly growing market, the company developed fast moving from strength to strength
in the stone business. However, the economy is only one of factors determining the success
of the company. People are still the most important. At the moment, the company employs nearly 40 people in five locations. Their dedication and expertise regarding the use and processing
of stone are decisive regarding the value
of the brand.

Today, Euro Granit Adamus is a network of five stone wholesale establishments situated all over Poland. Since 2006, the company has been operating in the Goleniów Industrial Park. Its basic business areas include the following:

  • distribution of natural stone,
  • distribution of Santa Margherita, silica
    and marble conglomerates,
  • exclusive distribution of Lapitec,
  • services on Polish and foreign markets,
  • services offered to stone processing companies, investment projects, building contractors, architects, interior designers, and manufacturers of furniture and fitted kitchen equipment,
  • services to individual clients,
  • customer materials storage,
  • logistic support,
  • specialist consulting.