HG Poland Sp. z o.o.

The history of Hedensted Gruppen dated back to 1935 and over the years this family-owned business evolved to become one of the most rapidly developing companies in the fur industry
in the world. After many years of running its operation and entire production in Denmark, in 2006 a decision was made to establish a facility in Poland, the fastest growing market, close to large Polish breeders, and at the same time maintaining low production cost and staying close to the company’s headquarters in Hedensted (about 650 km).

In November 2008, HG Poland, a daughter company was established in the Goleniów Industrial Park in Łozienica, and a part
of the production line was moved there to reduce labour cost. The total surface area of the production and storage facility at that time was 4,200 m2, including office and staff building
of 650 m2. In further consecutive years
of operation the entire production was moved from Denmark to Poland and in spring 2014
the second hall with an office facility started operating to make the total surface area
of company’s facilities 6,700 m2.

Production focuses on wire and nesting boxes, chiefly for export but also for the domestic market, based on customised production planning according to contracts signed with customers
and suppliers. The thirty year cooperation
with Betafence, the supplier of meshes, guarantees production security and continuity of steel supplies.

HG Poland also manufactures feeders, pelting equipment and watering systems. Additionally,
the company manufactures equipment used at fur farms, as well as consumer articles.

We are now proud of our world-wide sales network and we have become no. 1 choice for our clients whom we can guarantee high service standard,
top product quality, reliability of deliveries
and exchange of experience. We put much emphasis on continuous development and product enhancement, while creating new solutions
for farms to make work there easy
and pleasurable.