Stok Emballering Poland Sp. z o.o.

The company history started in 1995
when a Danish manufacturer of packaging Stok Emballage opened their plant in Poland.
From the very beginning of the mother company operation in 1978, Stok focused on providing a comprehensive service to their clients as regards packaging and products necessary to secure
and dispatch various goods, from ball pens to complex electronic equipment.

The company started the new millennium
with three plants in Poland, one in Szczecin,
one in Koszalin and one in Łódź, all together capable of dispatching over 700 standard products in 48 hours. The company delivers customised packaging made according to client specification. In 2006 a rapid growth
of the company was recognised and the company received an award of Business Gazelle,
and a year later Business Cheetah, whereas in 2009 the company received the prestige Forbes’ Diamond.

Two years later, we moved production to a new plant in the Goleniów Industrial Park.
With the relocation to 37 Prosta Street in Łozienica we became involved in local community initiatives. In 2014, we were awarded with the title of Sport Patron.

In 2015 we not only celebrated the 20th anniversary of the company, which was recognised
by the Minister of Economy, but first and foremost we focused on accessing new markets.
Apart from delivering our packaging to the Polish market, we also supply packaging to Denmark, Norway and Faroe Islands. We are the forth
in the world in manufacturing packaging for frozen fish, with annual income of EUR 3 billion
and ambitious targets of reaching new sales markets. In 2016 we plan to enter markets
in Argentina and New Zealand.