Stylepit Poland Sp. z o.o.

Stylepit is a European leader in e-commerce
of clothing. The company received numerous awards from Scandinavian business communities and industry magazines.

Due to its rapid development, in 2012 the company bought a warehouse and office facility
in the Goleniów Industrial Park. The building
of 14 thousand m2 was arranged according
to the new owner’s specification. The Distribution Centre started operating in the Goleniów Industrial Park in June 2013.

Within only two years, the efficiency of warehouse processes increased more than fifty percent, supported with an overall philosophy
of continuous improvement; instead of working harder we work smarter and therefore more efficient. We managed to organise an efficient team of specialists and without their involvement we would not attain so imposing results.

Stable warehousing processes helped generating a number of CSR projects. Since we strive to develop an image of a company that is well rooted in the local community, we are eager to participate in any initiative that produces to good energy in the community of Goleniów.

Stylepit in figures:

  • 30,000 thousand unique products,
  • over 400 global brands,
  • nearly 2 thousand orders every day.